Has President Obama fallen victim to a secret coup?

Published on Online Journal, by Dennis Rahkonen, Nov 24, 2010.

… Implausible? Boy, I sure hope so. But the alternative possibilities are equally as unsettling.

  • One option is that he was just a con artist from the start, likely being in full cahoots with the power structure at that time, operating manipulatively to dupe the American electorate into voting for what would ultimately prove to be nothing more than bull squeezings and pixie dust.
  • Compared to that, the Tea Party’s diversionary scam is small potatoes.
  • The second possibility is that Obama, despite his ability to play a mean game of basketball, is so weak at his core that he’s like the skinny guy at the beach who gets sand kicked in his face by a bully and does nothing but cower.  
  • He doesn’t even send away for the Charles Atlas bodybuilding course that would give him big biceps and a sturdy spine.
  • Out of charity, however, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and try to push the foregoing from a worried mind that’s still having trouble processing the disastrous Nov. 2 outcome.
  • I’ll entertain the happy prospect that our president is fundamentally good, will reassess everything that’s come down, and will start fighting like gangbusters in behalf of our nation’s wage-earning majority, against plutocratic predators.

Damn … I just can’t do it. I’m certain that one of my original possibilities reverberates sad truth.

  • Our president and capitulationist Democrats won’t get us out of this country’s abysmal mess.
  • It’ll take the people themselves, united and militantly organized around demands infinitely more class-conscious than those ridiculously advanced by the fraudulent Tea Party, to do what’s really required in America today.
  • Namely, curbing monopolies, busting trusts, and always prioritizing everyday wage earners over contemporary equivalents of yesteryear’s parasitic robber barons.

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(Dennis Rahkonen of Superior, Wisconsin, has been writing progressive commentary with a Heartland perspective for various outlets since the ’60s).

(My comment: we the peoples must become able to reflect, decide and act ourselves. We must not wait for any President’s ability to make it. Presidents are blackmailed by hidden power-elites which never, never are ready to share anywhat with us, they rather bring us back to our daily cup of rize. As long as we are waiting for a President to change for us this mess, and as long as we are only followers, all will go on as usual. What we ourselves are missing is the ability to reunite, reflect together, debate, decide and then act. Look at my NGO blog: we are millions ready to act for changes).


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