The War on Iraq and the Occupation

Linked with Caroline Lucas – England, and with ECONOMIC JUSTICE.

Published on her website, Position Statement on Iraq from Caroline Lucas MEP.

“In the wake of the devastating and illegal war on Iraq, it is of paramount importance that a provisional Iraqi administration is set up as soon as possible to oversee and ensure the safety of all Iraqi people, their heritage and infrastructure. It is also vital that civil security as soon as possible so that electricity and safe water supplies can be returned to the Iraqi people.

It is the responsibility of the US, UK, and their allies to meet the costs of direct war damage. However, successful reconstruction must depend on local ownership and leadership by Iraqis, alongside long-term support, including aid and debt, from the international community led by the UN. Effort is needed in economic and social reconstruction, support for civilian protection, gender equality, and civil society.

If the case for war was misrepresented by the British government, then the present occupation is also illegal. So far no evidence has been presented that Iraq either possessed weapons of mass destruction prior to the attack or, if it did, that it posed a grave and imminent threat to any other country. Further, as occupying powers, the US/UK must fulfil their obligations under international humanitarian law – this includes ensuring the food and medical supplies, restoration of public order and safety, and facilitating humanitarian relief. The record has not been good, as testified by numerous impartial aid agencies in Iraq. The occupation must end as soon as possible, and steps taken towards the establishment of a truly democratic Iraqi administration.

Iraqi people must now be allowed full control and use of their own resources, free from interference and foreign privatisation through multinational corporations who remain unmonitored and unanswerable to the Iraqi people. It is also vital that all economic sanctions are removed as soon as possible.

I urge the immediate prohibition of cluster bombs, which by their indiscriminate nature are illegal. Unexploded ordnance of all types continue to endanger Iraqi people. That Depleted Uranium (DU) has been used yet again in the recent invasion is deplorable – we now need to know where and how much of it has been used in the recent war to allow an effective clean-up and monitoring programme to begin as soon as possible. On my visit to Iraq before the latest conflict I saw horrific evidence of the indiscriminate effects of DU on civilians, and told that babies born since the 1991 conflict have suffered increased incidence of congenital birth abnormalities and leukemia. I have since been working to raise the profile of this issue within the European Parliament and will continue to do so in the future.” (Read the whole rest on this page of her webs).

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