one bad night

Published on Online Journal, by Kona Lowell, Nov. 5, 2010.

As expected, many of us are angry, frustrated with our party, vowing to never vote Democrat again or kneeling on the kitchen floor with our heads in the oven.
Me? I’m amazingly tranquil. Even serene … //

… I am also having a pre-schadenfreude moment of sorts, imagining the Republicans, led by wet-drunk crybaby and walking Cheeto, John Boehner, attempting to govern. Or not govern. Or both. He will find it hard to accomplish much, if anything, by simply blubbering profusely or screaming “Hell no!” at the top of his lungs. Not that that will stop him, which is where the hilarity will come in. Hope someone on SNL is practicing their Boehner. 

Of course the Dems will cave on this and that. But there is also the possibility that some of them may have seen the writing on the wall. It said, “You stupid fucks! Stand up for something. Anything. And take off those ridiculous pink tutus!” Of course it was written in Hebrew, but there are plenty of people who can read it in there.

The other thing House Democrats likely grasped last night, even though they are making the traditional noises, as is the president, is that bipartisanship is not merely dead, it’s really most sincerely dead. If they can be nothing more than speed bumps for two years, then be really good speed bumps. The Republican wet dream of a return to the Dark Ages must be stopped. Their other ones, usually dealing with young interns, diapers and edible whips they can still enjoy.

The Republicans are really in a worse spot than it may at first appear. They suck at governing. They have no ideas, or rather they have one, which is to give tax breaks to billionaires. This is all they know. So if by some miracle they aid the Dems in getting the economy back on track or if they thwart that effort, they’re fucked either way. Because if the economy improves dramatically, Obama will receive credit. And if it remains stagnant or tanks (which their single idea would certainly accomplish), they will be seen as ineffectual stumblefucks and 2012 will be a happy time for Democrats.

Meanwhile, here in Hawaii, we have rid ourselves of these pesky Republicans, replacing uber-hypocrite Governor Linda Lingle with the estimable Neil Abercrombie (an actual liberal) and filling his House seat with Colleen Hanabusa. Mazie Hirono also returns as does Inouye. We may now be the bluest state in the country. And this should be taken as a warning for Republicans planning to move here: Don’t.

So while I am at least handling this temporary defeat calmly, which I admit surprises even me, I do recognize there is a lot of work to do, asses to be kicked, noise to be made and toes that must be held to the fire. This is doable. I guess I’m just not the quitting type. And I’m old. I dream of a liberal America. I plan to see it. (full text).

(Kona Lowell hides out on the Big Island, Hawaii, way up in the mist and is the author of “Don’t Pet the Sharks: Advice, Observations & Snark from the Big Island, Hawaii” and also “The Solid Green Birthday & Other Fables).”

My comment: in every important country of the westener world you have 2 big parties polarizing the whole mess and having in both parties always the same people with a mentality of predators, looking first for themselves and second to make work their common goal: continue to make work all possible privileges. In old times the ruling class of aristocrats showed this behavior.

Solution: WE HAVE TO MOVE OURSELVES instead of letting this class make the mess.

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