Mumbai pavement dwellers finally get their homes

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Letter to the The Ward Officer, Mumbai- 400008, 24th April, 06.

Subject: Handing over Sophia Zubair and Dimtimkar pavements back to the Mahanagar Palika

Dear Mr., Mahila Milan is an organization of pavement and slum women leaders all over the city of Bombay. SPARC which is our support NGO has been working very closely with Mahila Milan to build its capacities to negotiate with the city for land for their future house.

In all these years we have learnt that it is as much our responsibility to steer our own development and not just wait for the city to find solutions. In the same spirit we have in the last 20 years managed to save money and plan and design our future relocation.

We have now reached the end of that journey and for the first time in the history of the city we will shift the first phase of pavement settlements to a relocation site at Mankhurd.
The pavement structures on Sofia Zubair and Dimtimkar road at Nagpada Junction will be cleared and the pavements will be handed over to the municipal corporation by the 27th April.

We would like the E ward office to take charge of the pavements and make sure that there are no future encroachments so that the motto of the city to transform the city is truly achieved.

We, the women of Mahila Milan would like to participate in the city’s development and take responsibility to make our city work for all.

Read also: UN report of 01/10/2003: UN-HABITAT’s new Global Report on Human Settlements 2003, to be commanded, for 40.- $, on this UN website:

The world’s slums are growing, and growing, with the number people living in such dire conditions now at the 1 billion mark – making up 32 per cent of the global urban population, according to UN-HABITAT’s new Global Report on Human Settlements 2003. The report published this month entitled, The Challenge of Slums, says the crisis is such that the world will see this figure double in the next 30 years unless a concerted effort is undertaken to alleviate the situation.

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