Unemployed Happier than People with Poor Jobs

Published on TOP news, by Rasik Sharma, Oct. 14, 2010.

Many people have discussed the topic of unemployed people and about people with jobs. The world, every now and then has mentioned that bums have the worst quality of life and are the least happy.

However, a new research that was conducted by the Australian National University, has found that people working in a poor job with a bad firm are the least satisfied with their lives. The study went to the extent of saying that those people who remained unemployed were much happier than those working in poor jobs. 

A job can be stated to be poor in many scenarios, like it can be poor due to a poor salary, bad work environment, excessive workload and no future prospects. Another reason to be unhappy about a job could be if the person is not interested in the field of work he’s working in … //

… The above study has been published in the journal BMC Public Health.
(full text).

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