Theatre West launches play development program

Published in The Edmonton Journal, by Liz Nicholls, Nov. 25, 2006 – Playwrights to pitch projects blind to jury and audience. It has the whimsicality of Survivor without the ritual sadism. It has something in common with the Banff TV Festival. And nothing whatever to do with baseball.

Welcome to Pitch To Play, a new way to kick-start new plays (and new playwrights) by Workshop West’s new artistic director Michael Clark. It’s his first official act in this job, and the company’s first public appearance of the season. The idea, says Clark, is to add a public face to the theatre’s traditional specialty, play development, a rarity in these cautious times.

“After all, the full name is Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre,” he says. “We want to be a home for playwrights.” Especially new-ish ones, since pitching ‘blind,’ with a secret identity, is an idea that will appeal less to the established stars, as Clark concedes. “It’s open access for anyone, a way of levelling the playing field.(Read the whole article on above link).

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