U.S. Changing Course In Iraq?

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Read ‘U.S. Changing Course In Iraq? No longer a question of if, but when and how they will pull out‘, by Njei Moses Timah (njemotim), Published today November 17, 2006, on Ohmy News, International World):

With regard to the war in Iraq, things seem to be changing at a surprising pace. A few months ago, we heard a uniform and familiar tune from the bosses of the participating countries of “the coalition of the willing” in Iraq. Macho statements came from Canberra, London and Washington reaffirming “the resolve,” “the commitment” and “the determination” to “prevail” in Iraq. “We cannot cut and run before the job is done,” we were told. The slogan that was used to summarize this thinking was: “We will stay the course.” Well, that was before the November midterm congressional elections in the U.S. that saw the governing Republican Party losing its majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party. American public opinion has tilted against the war and that dissatisfaction was largely responsible for the poor showing of the Republicans at the elections. To make matters worse, Oct. 2006 was one of the bloodiest months for the U.S. military in Iraq. The first casualty of that election was the U.S. defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who tendered his resignation. Rumsfeld had become the symbol of everything going wrong in Iraq.

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It is no longer a question of whether America and her allies will pull out of Iraq. They are going to do so sooner rather than later. The big question is how they will leave without losing face and at the same time without sacrificing their allies in the Iraqi government to the consuming flames of Islamic insurgency. It is almost a certainty that the change that will come in Iraq will be painful for all the parties involved. The hope is that the Americans will draw a lesson from this foreign policy blunder that neo-conservative forces have plunged their nation into. (Read the whole long article on Ohmy News, International World).

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