What It Means to “Salvage U.S. Prestige” in Iraq

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Read also this very long article ‘Will Daddy’s Boys Extend the War? No Exit? What It Means to “Salvage U.S. Prestige” in Iraq‘, by Tom Engelhardt, published yesterday on Peace, Earth & Justice News:

Things are always complicated. In the Washington Post, for instance, James Mann, author of Rise of the Vulcans recently suggested that it was far “too simplistic” to claim “the appointment of Robert M. Gates to replace Donald Rumsfeld [represents] the triumph of Bush the Father’s administration over Bush the Son’s.” Still, I prefer the analysis of Washington Post reporter (and author of Fiasco) Thomas Ricks. When asked by the Post’s media columnist Howard Kurtz whether a Newsweek headline, “Father knows best,” was just “an easy, cheap Oedipal way for the press to characterize what’s going on,” Ricks replied: “Well, just because it’s easy and cheap doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” At a moment when every version of the dramatic arrival of James A. Baker III and Robert Gates on the scene — and the scuttling of Rumsfeld’s Titanic — is at least suspect, it’s still worth considering the bare bones of what can be seen and known — and then asking what we have.

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Now, the dreamers, the greatest gamblers in our history, are departing official Washington and the “realists” have hit the corridors of power that they always thought they owned. It wouldn’t hurt if they opened their eyes. Even imperial defenders should face reality. Someday, it’s something we’ll all have to do. In the meantime, call in the Hellfire-missile-armed Predator drones. (Read the whole long article on Peace, Earth & Justice News).

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