ROMAs – these excluded tribes, eternally poors, trained thiefs … and our reactions

…  this people sent back to Romania by President Sarkozy

Update Sept. 19, 2010: Linked with ROMA Initiatives, with Decade of ROMA Inclusion 2005 – 2015, and with zu Peter Sloterdjiks Buch: die Verachtung der Massen, July 26, 2005.

A video is published on BBC: How Gypsy gangs use child thieves (the whole film seen in german Swiss TV as: Im Auftrag der Sippe – Wie Roma-Kinder zu Dieben werden, 51.18 min) – this german video can be watched during the next 7 days on SF1).

My comments:

  • First: I see ROMAs best adapted – yes adapted to this existing humanity … but not the society we imagine, believe to be, not the civilized one … no, they are best integrated … in the one we are really: in this not admitted predatory part of our society.
  • Find Romania on wikipedia. It must not be an error that this separate ethnic group we call here ROMAs are not specially mentionned there. But by fearing to name what we are doing and thus be called Racists we become unable to think, speak and find solutions about the whole item.

In the video is a scene showing children attached with chains by so called slave holders and a speaker laments their condition. But please: listen the children’s voice sound. These voices do not sound submitted. I see the whole scene as a show to impress the filmmaker … a show made so safe the children’s image … because as victims we still admit them.

On one side our whole planet is a predatory society split in groups, living in the economic reality only belonging the rules of social darwinism. When normal people is imitating the predatory part of our elites behavior, a police system quickly stops them.

But this policy-law-thinking system is not prepared:

  • - on one hand to clans having totally other rules … for exemple rules enabling ROMAs to be successfull predators …
  • - On the other hand we are unable to really civilize our economic system.

Thus, since centuries ROMAs and also our economic and banking system are only doing what is successfull in the sense of predators. And they will do it as long as we, the robbed ones, the so called civilized ones – are not able to put them limits.

For both – for bankers and for child thiefs – our problem is:

  • -  we are trained to let authority solve our security problems. We learn having not the right to punish ourselves any gangster, not the banker’s elite and not child thiefs, (and not any youngster with public bad behavior). We still do not discuss the question WHY in Romania ROMA clans remained poor before coming to our western world. I guess it’s not only country’s general poverty, but Romania citizen’s may be allowed much harder reactions for thiefs. People’s punishing reactions which Romania’s elites may accept.
  • - many parents are too much tired in the evening, or themselves not educated enough, thus unable to educate their next generation, letting school systems and the rest of the society solve problems in education. But our teachers are forbidden to show real limits in behavior when good words are not enough.

Yes, the lesson is hard, but one man said once: He who comes too late will be punished by life / wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben / Gorbatschow – see him in de, and in en). (Or: You snooze, you lose).

And: … as a leftist I am really sorry that my good thinking leftist fellows are so unwilling to think as realists, letting thus the place free for people’s real racist reflexes. Yes, the problem is complex, means we have to re-think it quicker and deeper than ever.

But maybe first we have to jump over our own educated reflexes reducing us to the only role of victims, a role hidden behind a thick smocky curtain of good feelings.

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