Social Development Research at UNRISD 2005–2009


The 2005–2009 agenda has three main objectives:
· to adjust research activities in response to global developments and scholarly debates, as well as gaps in knowledge that have emerged in the course of current research;
· to examine issues that are not being addressed adequately or sufficiently by research networks associated with the United Nations system; and
· to consolidate key aspects of the 2000+ agenda by expanding work under certain programmes, and by developing synergies between projects in related areas that had previously been carried out under different programmes.

Research will be organized under six programme areas: Social Policy and Development; Democracy, Governance and Well-Being; Markets, Business and Regulation; Civil Society and Social Movements; Identities, Conflict and Cohesion; and Gender and Development. Work in these areas will be supplemented by research commissioned to feed into special events and activities organized by the Institute, such as conferences or flagship reports. (Read the whole article on this page of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development).

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