what’s about the endless op-icescr ?

The Civil Society wants since ever the realisation of this optional protocol to the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights, op-icescr.

Where are we landed ?

It is simple, the changement of the Human Rights Commission into the Human Rights Council during 2006 gave all those countries NOT WANTING the realisation of this protocol the possibility to bury it silently. And this without any attention of the medias. The whole op-icescr risks to disappear. Maybe, our Sleeping Beauty will be kissed one day to wake up again, but the prince, any strong defender of these rights, has not to sleep himself.

Some UN docs with op-icescr-contents:

a) op-icescr texts of general issue;

b) Some particular issues of op-icescr:

To see more, put the words ‘optional protocol‘ into the UN search-tool and select document database.

Former presentations on our blogs:

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