Turning the Key

Linked on our blogs with Human Race, Get Off Your Knees, May 27, 2010, and with Meine Frage vom 28. Juni 2010.

My comment, updated later this day: what is the real question, when this all should happen! There are obviously two kinds of  world Governments possible:

  • one creating a flat hierarchy between all humans, therefore democratic and trying to regulate predator behaviors;
  • or one creating deliberately a feodal structure, with (money-) aristocrats and their servants, telling the huge rest of humanity they are ready to let in life what they exactly want us to do. Would you be astonished if the submitted part of humans, accepting the generously given daily cup of rice, would have their favor?

Maybe we are too silly, too dumb and too submitted now to unite for acting when such a plan begins to work. But once it is running, it will be extremely more difficult to stop and to change it. To work in the sense to help the active, positive, progressive part of humanity winning, and not the submitted, fearful, dumb part of us, three human groups are needed:

  • courageous, not corrupt elites,
  • a big part of normal people,
  • technicians able to manipulate software and banking processes to forbid feodal structures

I mean will be needed groups of people wanting a democracy, a flat hierarchy, giving all the same chances and listening their consciousness instead of following their fear, humans who cannot be bought, able to stand some pressure, able to organize themselves without banks … it would be in some way like when Ghandi acted to free India from the British … or something like in our very old Swiss tales about Wilhelm Tell and Gessler (even if this story is not told exactly, it still works).

I think the end is still not fixed, we have still the possibility to choose the future … but, could be, next no more for a long time, if we remain sleeping.

Hearing David Icke tell us … “listen to your consciousness” means to me: NOT listen to our consciousness, but see only profit is spiritual corruption.

So the real question is: do we agree to be spiritually corrupt when acting in this world?

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