Human Rights in China After the Olympics

(a new book)

Linked on our blogs with Human Rights Without Frontiers HRWF International. – Published on Create Space.

  • Authored by Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l,
  • Contributions by Susi Dennison, Emmanouil Athanasiou, Marie Holzman, Mamtimin Ala, Vincent Metten, David Matas, David Kilgour, Leah Strauss, Reggie Garcia Littlejohn, Sang Hun Kim, Vincent Metten, Jonathan Holslag,
  • Edited by Willy Fautré.

An assessment of human rights in China after the 2008 Olympic Games. Covers the death penalty, freedom of religion or belief, environmental issues, the one-child policy, North Korean refugees, Tibetan issues, and the Uyghurs … (full text).

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