Stateless in Bangladesh – Generations of Oppressed

A member of the group, writes on 15 Sep 2006:

When one is not citizen of a State under the operation of the law of any state, then that person is Stateless. How important is citizenship? Look at it this way if you committed a murder tomorrow and were found guilty you may be hanged or may get a life sentence. But still you can not be deprived of your citizenship. Looking at it another way, you may think that your most prized possession is your car, home or your investments, nay it is your citizenship.

A right so fundamental that it is protected by every international human rights convention. Citizenship of a state is essential for the well being of each and every one of us. It is estimated that there may be up to 11 million people across the globe who lack the amenities of citizenship. The stateless may be victims of circumstance or of willful discrimination or neglect.

We are telling the story of just such a group at our web sites ‘stateless people in Bangladesh‘, or ‘stranded Pakistani‘.

If you have a particular interest in South Asia or the Urdu speaking you will appreciate this site in particular. No where else in the world or on the internet is there so much information and evidence about this ethnic group which has been suffering for the last 60 years. Please visit the site yourself and then forward the link to everyone in your address book.

Innocent victims at the edge of extinction need you, please. May God bless you all and end the suffering of the stateless the world over.

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