Nukes not sustainable for the Baltic states say activists

Published on CEE bankwatch network, by ATGAJA community, June 4, 2010.

Under the banner “Nukes are not sustainable”, Bankwatch’s member group in Lithuania – Atgaja – this week joined forces with other environment groups and citizens to greet the heads of the Baltic Sea states and European Commission president Juan Manuel Barroso as they arrived at the Baltic Development Forum Summit and the Baltic Sea States Summit – the so-called ‘Baltic Davos’ – in Vilnius … //

… Referring to the example of the massively over-budget and delayed building Olkiluoto-3 reactor in Finland, the groups cautioned against the growing number of nuclear gambles that are now on the table in other Baltic Sea states, including proposals to mine uranium in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as plans to store radioactive waste in rocks near the Baltic Sea. 

Alternatives to nuclear are not in short supply, according to the groups who urged Baltic decision-makers to consider much greater use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and smart energy systems. Such an approach would create more jobs, would use local resources and would increase overall the security of the states and the region. Linas Vainius, of Atgaja and one of the founders of Bankwatch, commented: “The competition currently ongoing between Baltic governments to be the first to build a new nuclear reactor using taxpayers’ money does not represent sustainable development.” (full text).

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