BP’s Oil and pawns’s death

From the 1953 CIA Overthrow of Democracy in Iran, to the Iraq War, to the Criminal Gulf Catastrophe and Deaths, BP Was There

Published on Global Research.ca, by Mark Karlin, June 2, 2010.

If you were to draw an oily line from the first exploitation of oil in the Middle East by the British in 1901 (they were in the process of converting their then world dominating naval fleet from coal to oil and were in desperate need of it) to the overthrow of the secular democratic leader in Iran, Mohammed Mossadeq, in 1953, to the Iraq War, to the criminal environmental catastrophe in the Gulf, BP would have been there … // 

… For over a century, whenever American and British GIs have died for oil, whenever pollution and toxicity have been let loose to ravage our shores, whenever residents have died of cancer caused by the oil refining process and spills, whenever Congress and White Houses have loosened regulations to allow reckless and massively damaging behavior, BP was there, along with their American counterparts: companies so large that they are above the law and governmental control.

Most American presidencies and Congress — and particularly the Bush/Cheney Presidency — have regarded oil companies and the control of oil resources as essential to the survival of the American economy.  As a result oil companies and the secondary businesses that support them — such as Halliburton and Transocean — are indeed able to call the shots and get the U.S. and the UK to do their bidding.  In the UK, BP is the power behind 10 Downing Street when it comes to foreign policy, drilling, and all things oil; that is why Tony Blair could not refuse to join the Bush/Cheney (and Rumsfeld) attack on Iraq.

Which leads us to the catastrophe in the Gulf.  Of course, BP was off drilling in waters too deep for them to have developed a plan in case the well blew. Of course, they had memos indicating that they valued profits over lives and the environment. Of course, they have lied about the size of the oil pollution and their ability to fix it from the moment that more then 10 men died as the well exploded. That is their job. It has been since 1901, when their predecessor company began exploration in Iran.  During her “reign,” the iron maiden, Margaret Thatcher, allowed BP to be privatized, and it quickly — Pac Man style — gobbled up several other oil companies, including AMOCO.

For more than a century, we – citizens of a nation founded on democratic principles of citizens deciding their nation’s destiny – have been nothing but pawns in the war over access to oil, wherever it is or might be found.

And the forecast in any shift of power from oil governance to governance by the people is looking bleaker every day. (full text).

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