On the situation of Chechens outside Chechnya

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By Svetlana Gannushkina, on The MEMORIAL HRC, The Civic “Assistance Committee”, July 2005 – February 2006.

Excerpts: …

1. The minimum level of public safety is not guaranteed in the Chechen Republic.

The latest events show that the situation of Chechen residents in the Russian Federation has not changed for the better. The level of safety in the Chechen republic still cannot be considered acceptable. Kidnappings and disappearances continue in the Chechen Republic. On 7th October 2005, the Chechen Republic President Alu Alkhanov told the RIA Novosti news agency: Since the beginning of the year, 143 cases of kidnapping have been registered in the republic. The figure for the same time last year was 128. The number of robberies and other grave crimes has increased by 50%. The number of kidnappings registered by human rights organizations is much higher. The Memorial human rights centre, which monitors about 30% of the territory of the Chechen Republic, registered 214 cases of kidnapping in the same period.

Despite the fact that a significant decrease in the amount of registered cases of abductions can be noted compared to 2004, when 411 abductions were registered, still the situation is far from being encouraging. The victims’ relatives are now less willing to turn to human rights organizations with their problems, fearing retribution from local law enforcement agencies, which are currently the biggest source of violence and infringement of citizens’ rights.

2. The residents of Chechnya at present have no alternative opportunities for settling on Russian territory.

Places of compact living of IDPs in Ingushetia are gradually being demolished, and no alternative to returning to Chechnya is offered to their residents. Those few Chechen residents residing in TACs (not more than 1000 residents) are being evicted thus being compelled to return. The difference in compensation amounts for lost property is of a great concern – payments within the Chechen republic exceed those outside its territory twice. Such a situation lays the foundation for a conflict between Russians who fled Chechnya and Chechens who are living there, which is very actively abused by the political forces of nationalistic nature. Chechens are still discriminated against while obtaining registration at a place of sojourn, employment or securing medical or social support. The fabrication of criminal cases endangers any resident of the Chechen republic on the territory of the RF. It might be noted that the judicial system turns into one of the main means of persecution and extermination of a young generation of Chechens.

Situation of the residents of the Chechen republic outside its territory:
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