Burqa versus Human Rights

Linked with Swissness and Islamic fundamentalism, with Die Burka und die SchweizerInnen, and with picture of the year.

We normal humans in many European countries want interdict in all public places this burqa. Now, Governments and other legal bodies tell us, this may be not constitutional. PLEASE WHAT ???

Remember, it is forbidden to run totally nacked in our public places! Aaahh, and why, please ???

Because it is common sense not to run nacked. Too many peoples are shocked.

Ok, now I tell all this bodies:

this nasty veil IS NOT OUR COMMON SENSE. You may accept the burqa the day you declare – and not one minute sooner – RUNNING NACKED IN PUBLIC PLACES IS ALLOWED.

As long as you are not able to do so, I ask you to stop all damned burqas.

Yes, I am a leftist woman and I am NOT willing to be tolerant for any veil hiding woman’s face.

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