Colonialism, Slave History and whities’ must for reparations

In a recent New York Times editorial, entitled Ending the Slavery Blame-Game, on NYT, by H. L. GATES Jr., April 22, 2010,  Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates calls on the United States’ first Black president to end the nation’s sense of responsibility for the legacy of slavery … etc … (full text Henry Louis Gates’ Dangerously Wrong Slave History, NYT, May 3, 2010).

My comment:

  • 1). here in Geneva I watch blacks coming directly from Africa to Europe calling for reparation for colonialism,
  • 2). in the same time I observe them holding systematically the hands open for whatever they may grasp from whities, even form the ones having the same social poor income as themselves,
  • 3). yes, they are sharing some part of their harvest in some way with their fellows out of Africa, living here illegally,
  • 4). the real problem is: many of black refugees have no work, illegals have no right to work,
  • 5). result: they get the reflex to continue to open hands, to be sustained for surviving, to be dependent instead of creating themselves their own income,
  • 6). they call this sharing brotherhood, I call it making people depending from the giver, means remaining not responsible. And this may be the worst corruption, a mental one …
  • 7). … and shows us the corruption potential for people in our actual economic system (we are so much used to it that we no more feel this corruption),

Solution: not any reparation makes it, but giving every single one on this planet the possibility to make it ourselves. NOW and HERE, in this life and time! Let the past be past, whities’ reparation has to consists in the fact to help blacks and all countries create their own good life now, by their own responsibility. Too much money has been, and still is lost, in grey or black economy, never reaching in Africa the ones it was given for. The black community has a sharing system which is not helping individuals to become responsible of themselves, but leads them to just open the hands by giving whities’ all faults.

This is not human. For both, the blacks, the whites and for every one.

And let me add the following:

  • my mother’s ancestors were very poor people, the family emigrated some 200 years or so from southern places to now south of Germany. They never got full social acceptance in the village at these times.
  • In some way I could claim today, it was aristocrat’s fault that my ancestors were so poor, in almost slave like economic dependency. Shall I ask reparation today to the aristocrats? (They same aristocrats having created colonialism?)
  • Look, in these times aristocrats possessed not only the then small existing wealth, but also the people itself.
  • The only possible reparation today consists in stopping the FED, the big bank’s and high finance predator’s behavior which conducts us into dependency, means corruption, and giving them all richness.
  • I do not want us survive only by opening hands, begging for our daily cup of rice  … as THIS is one of the possible outcomes of the actual economic/financial mess.
  • As the real financial aristocracy will never, NEVER share anywhat with the rest of the world.

We the people have to create the system we want and need … we have to take it


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