Draft Minutes of the IWC Meeting New Delhi

Linked with Darshan Pal – India, and with World Social Forum, Delhi – 9-13 November 2006.

But read first: Dirty Secrets of the Temple (a critical look of how the Fed works), June 29, 2006, by Stephen Lendman, on his blog.
Or this short excerpts of the 9 page text.

Draft Minutes of the IWC Meeting New Delhi 11TH 12TH February 2006:

Reporting From Bamako and Caracas.
Roma Malik reported about the Caracas Event.
Pradeep Sharma reported for Bamako Event.
A printed report on Bamako from Madhushree was also distributed (attached).
Reconstitution of IWC: Prabir reported about the organisations that have confirmed about their willingness to continue as part of IWC and ready to devote time for WSF process. A report of which organisations have already informed of their consent and who are yet pending was circulated in the meeting. It was decided to send reminders to those who have not send in their confirmation as yet.
It was felt that, to further strengthen WSF India process some sectors that are not with the process should be approached and involved for including such sections. It was also proposed that regional and state level social forums should be involved in the IWC and an appropriate mechanism should be evolved for this.
Four organisations, namely All India OBC Forum, National Alliance of Agriculture Workers Union. NAAWU, DISHA, SANGAMA were proposed to be added to the IWC and this was accepted.
Finances: Gautam made a presentation on principles & norms of Finance.

These principals are developed on earlier understanding and modified according to our experience:

1. Every member organisation of the India General Council will make an effort
to contribute in cash and in kind towards the organising of ISF 2006. Every
organisation will make a solidarity contribution of at least Rupees five thousand. It would assist process of raising resources if the contribution is made no later than 31 March 2006.

2. Maintain a balance between indigenous and external funds wherein external funds do not constitute more than one half of the total funds employed for the
organising ISF 2006. In pursuance of this principle efforts will be made to:
2.1 Every effort will be made to maximise revenue collections through fees for
delegate registration, sale of stall space, etc.
2.2 Obtain free or subsidised facilities and services from State bodies, local
administration authorities and public bodies wherever acceptable and
2.3 Indian trusts and foundations will be approached for funds.
2.4 PSU’s will be approached and be encouraged to showcase their products
and services.
2.5 Cultural events with discretion will be held to raise funds
2.6 Funds can, at its discretion within the parameters laid down in the WSF
Charter as adopted in India, seek funds from Indian industry and Commerce.

3. Funds raised from any one single source shall not exceed one-fourth of the
total funds employed for the organising ISF 2006.

4. Norms for Expenditure be maintained in keeping with the spirit of the WSF as
a horizontal non-hierarchical open space.

5. The IWC, with the support of the Finance Group, evolve clear policy
guidelines for raising and spending resources for ISF 2006.

6. No organisation will be allowed to advertise itself in a WSF space by
virtue of its financial contribution to the WSF India process or an
event organised by the process. The IWC will however acknowledge all
contributions in a manner that it thinks appropriate.

7. The IWC will ensure that acceptable accounting and reporting standards will
be adopted.

Nandita stated that finance committee is not functioning currently. It has to do three main functions: expenditure, raising funds and handling the trust accounts, which need to be audited and submitted to relevant authorities for legal purposes. She also proposed that the YUVA account of WSF needs to wound up and process of shifting finances from Mumbai to Delhi and necessary infrastructure for the same should be done before the start of the next financial year.. She also reported about the status of the Mumbai Trust Members.

It was decided that:

  • A group (current Finance Committee as set up in Chennai) should examine the status of the trust and how it should work. This issue will be taken in the next IWC meeting.
  • The audit of 2004-05 will be done in Mumbai but income tax returns will be filed in Delhi.
  • All the accounts and money will be transferred to Delhi by April 1st 2006.
  • The finance committee, particularly the Delhi members should work out and set up all the necessary process and procedures before the transfer including an accounts person in Delhi.
  • FCRA application should be expedited.

Indian Social Forum: Mukul Sharma made a presentation on the ISF. It was decided that the ISF would be held in the month of November 2006 in Delhi. An Organising group has also been formed to start the preliminary work. The members are: Ashok Bharti, Anil Mishra, Prabir Purkayastha, D.Raghunandan, Razia Ismail Abassi, Umakant, Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Rosa, Ashok Choudhary and P.K.Das.
Another group was formed for programme. The members are: Ayesha Kidwai, Mukul Sharma, Madhushree Dutta, Amit Sengupta, Vincent, Gautam Modi, Meena Menon, Krishna Kumar, Babu Lal Sharma, Sheelu, Nandita Shah, Vijay Pratap, Bhoga Nanjunda and Mahendra Pratap Raina.
It was also decided to organise a meeting of organisation in Delhi for wider involvement.
Karachi Polycentric Event: A.H.Nayar from Pakistan Social Forum reported about the Karachi Event.
Logistics of the event: The event will take place in the Karachi Sports Complex. The local Government is extending all support for the event. Plenary will be held at the National Stadium. There are number of Educational Institutions in and around the main venue to cater the other needs.
Regarding the Visa issue: Mr Nayar said that the PSF has approached the highest level and is expecting a positive reply. He also requested the WSF India group to help with speakers for the event from India.
It was also decided that if Pakistan Government does not issue Visas for the Indian contingent for the Karachi event, WSF India would hold a solidarity event at Wagha Border on 23rd March 2006. Rakesh Bhatt, with others, has taken the responsibility for the Wagha Event.
IC Meeting In Nairobi: IWC meeting decided to send at least three people from WSF India to participate in the next IC meting at Nairobi (Kenya). This IC Meeting will discuss WSF 2007, in which WSF-India is expected to play some important role in the processes and events. It was also suggested that the names would be proposed in the Delhi meeting. The Africa committee will take the final decision.
Website: A presentation of the wsf tools website was done. It is decided that there will be a multi-lingual — English and Hindi — site for event registration, group discussion and organisation registration for the Indian Social Forum Event.

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