Swissness and Islamic fundamentalism

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We Swiss do not accept parallel societies with separate laws (for exemple the sharia) – we claim integration of all human groups into our law, all groups must submit under our constitution (this for all religions and philosophies).

Our challenge with the UMMAH:

The Koran and popular habit dictates religion AND culture. Both are therefore sacral and fundamentalists have to submit Koran’s dictation for both. No secular deviations. We westerners have separation between religion and culture since the Renaissance: religion is sacral, culture is secular, is submitted to laws made by humans. In Switzerland, not any religion has rights to dictate our secular ways of life.

Now fundamentalist Muslim leaders living in Switzerland state after the Minarets votation: Muslims are excepted to follow Koran’s cultural prescription, if it is in contradiction with our Swiss law/constitution (beating wifes, etc … Nicolas Blancho, Islamischer Zentralrat Schweiz, see special page on the german Swiss TV – and specially: Islamischer Zentralrat will Grundrechte respektieren, 23. April 2010).


Now, as we are a secular society, it is OUR definition which makes the law. Means at the end, ALL groups have to submit to OUR definition of what is culture, or law. One exemple: for me, women’s veil is not sacral, it is cultural. Fundamentalists tell, this veil is sacral. But at the end of the discussion WE have to state in our country what is cultural. So, for me, this veil has not to be respected as a sacral dictation.

For the veil, I can live with the following definition:

  • The whole face has to be visible, with eyes, nose, mouth,chin, forehead, cheek. This is the minimum, then let the rest of women’s clothing be their decision.
  • Therefore, any burqa has to be banned from streets and public places. Next, Swiss will be asked to vote for burqa’s interdiction and even as a strongly leftist women I will vote YES for the interdiction.
  • More: Girls have to be educated belonging to our westener standards (normal swimming lessons with the school classes, etc). When reaching the moment our youngsters have the right to choose their religion belonging to Swiss law, they may put a veil (but showing always the face). Until this age, no veil and no head scarf is allowed for girls.
  • Children (girls AND boys) are not secretly to be married against their will during vacation in their homeland.
  • All Muslims have to tell police the name of their fellows fighting with terrorist means to introduce here a fundamentalist society.
  • All Muslims have to accept that their fellows may leave their religion, without threats for killing them.
  • Same for men and women wanting marry outside of their religion.

Fundamentalists (and normal Muslims) being not able to submit to our laws have no place in a westener country. They may not reach Swiss citizenship with a Swiss passport and the right for vote.

There is enough place in a Muslim country for them.

That’s it  …  for me there is no more any discussion.

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