Understanding Sudan – The Darfur conflict

Concerning the Darfur Conflict, linked with Workers World, and with PBS.org.

Photos by Michal Ronnen Safdie of refugees – see link on this site.

Samantha Power returns to NOW to discuss the ongoing crisis. (See her also on this site of world-citizenship.org).

The UN report urged the Security Council to consider imposing sanctions on Sudan and recommended that the Council send the case to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The United States, while standing by its assessment of a genocidal situation, does not recognize the ICC and has called for a separate court to be established to try criminals from the Darfur conflict. See The international Court System.

Have also produced recent articles about Darfur: Human Rights Watch HRW; BBC July 3; BBC Q & A; Genocide Intervention; Overseas Development Institute ODI and their briefing note; the Sudan Information Gateway; Center for the Advancement of Democratic Awareness in Sudan; International Crisis Group.

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