Our Elders Are Suffering in silence

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Published on Elder Justice Now, by Karol Markosky, December 4, 2009.

Seeing the pain in someone’s eyes as they talk about atrocities they suffered and committed often by someone they love – especially by a son or daughter – has been the hardest thing about filming video stories for the Elder Justice Now campaign.

Working on this campaign, while tearful at times, has opened my eyes even more in to the rich lives of our seniors. I have been moved by the women and the men that I interviewed and by all of the stories of abuse that usually go unheard.

The most surprising thing has been the strength and power of the elders who had experienced the pain caused by abuse. However, many were ready to speak out against elder abuse and they did! 

America’s seniors are often cast aside by a society that values youth and disdains aging. The people we interviewed for this campaign were NOT your stereotypical “elderly” who are often characterized as weak and feeble. Their strength astounds me … //

… I feel blessed everyday to work with seniors that have shaped this world and paved the way for me to do what I do today. Because of this, I feel truly impassioned to help in the fight for the Elder Justice Act. (full text).

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