The West Already Was

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Interview of Giulietto Chiesa by Gennaro Carotenuto, italian journalist and international analyst, published on, February 1, 2005.

Question: We are at the beginning of the second term of the Bush Administration. During the first one, the symbol of the US-Europe relationship was may be Donald Rumsfeld’s speech about the “Old Europe”. The Atlantic was widening.

Giulietto Chiesa: Part of the European critical left think that the widening of the Atlantic Ocean is unyielding and, the more Europedistances itself from the United States the better it will be for the human race. We spoke about this topic with Giulietto Chiesa, member of the European Parliament.

Question: We are at the beginning of the second term of the Bush Administration. During the first one, the symbol of the US-Europe relationship was may be Donald Rumsfeld’s speech about the “Old Europe”. The Atlantic was widening.

Giulietto Chiesa: And there is no sign that it will stop widening. Rumsfeld made this reality very clear. Robert Kagan wrote that “the West Already Was and I agree”. The neocons (neo-conservative) represent the distancing of the United States of the rest of the West and the expression of its autonomy. Perhaps they still considered themselves the West but a new definition is necessary: the United States is no longer the West.

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Giulietto Chiesa: The European civil society is a thousand times more powerful than the American civil society, which has already been destroyed. There, the multinationals and the super clan acted without any obstacles. But not here. And the more the differences grow the more the national and popular reaction increase here. In addition, a project to transfer the US model to Europe is literally impossible. Though we see our resources exhaust, we still have the illusion that they are everlasting. This unveils the biggest contradiction upon which the system lives: the infinity of wishes.

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Giulietto Chiesa: Today, the US national interest is simultaneously in contradiction with the national interest of all other historic realities. If we speak today about a clash of civilizations, it is not between the West and Islam but between the United States and the rest of the world. And I see it very clearly.

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Question: And a good example is Latin America. Following the idea that what is good for the United States is also good for everyone, the open declaration of a hegemonic plan, the “New American Century”, what acceleration did Bush’s first four years represent?

Giulietto Chiesa: It is acceleration because the current US leading classes, both in the scientific-technical and in the religious area, think of the apocalypse. And I am not being ironical. The religious neocons really think of an apocalypse as Gore Vidal and others already wrote about it. In their vision of the world, they are convinced that we have to face a big tragedy: to convert o to extirpate. It is clear that they think of a horrible palingenesia.

But also from the scientific point of view we know that best informed leaders have, long before September 11, information to think that a September 11 would have been very useful. There is a decisive assertion in the “Project for the New American Century”: the transformation that we want to implement in the world would need, in normal conditions, a lot of time. However, we have to reason as if there had to be an artificial and drastic mutation to shorten the time of this transition.

They know, and we know, that the resources will soon exhaust and thus they need to impose a drastic mutation through the use of force. The quote ends with the phrase: unless something like a new Pearl Harbor or anything similar takes place.

«Like a new Pearl Harbor» they literally say, I am not making it up. They know the world will soon have to answer. The exhaustion of resources will be the visible element, close and inevitable, and the United States must immediately address itself to the problem of the control of the planet and all its resources. This is not a task that can be achieved overnight; they have to prepare it all and get ready for the clash that is approaching against China: the big eater of resources that is arriving and which needs to compete with the United States. It has to be stopped before!

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The paradox is that the Europe of nations, the more intellectually advanced Europe, the one that has built the Europe of the supranationality, is the one that has understood that many decisions can not be made by national states. And there is still a piece of democracy, of representation of the civil society.

The institutions that represent the liberal and bourgeois democracy thus defend themselves from an idea, but the very concept of liberal democracy is demolished by the superclan, which is the opposite of liberal democracy. This is a process that is developing. I do not know who will win, the multinationals that have a Wall Street-like way of thinking or the national states. But I am very confident that the European national states, all united, can launch an offensive against the end of democracy planned by the super clan.

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