Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Linked with our presentation of Chief Arvol Looking Horse – Sioux Nation USA, and of The Wolakota Foundation, Facing the Winds of Change, and of Peacemessage from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Sioux Nation.

Message given on the World Peace Prayer Day June 21, 2004, Japan – As spiritual people, we still maintain our ceremonies. World Peace & Prayer Day is a ceremony of all nations, all faiths, one prayer. It is about creating an energy shift and praying together for the healing of mother earth.

When the White Buffalo Calf Woman left us, she changed into four colors. Black, red, yellow, white. These colors symbolize the four directions. We have always used these sacred colors in our ceremonies. It is very important to gather at sacred sites and pray for the healing of the earth. We need to do this ceremony as soon as possible. We need to gather as much energies as we can from the world. From little children to leaders of various fields, we need the efforts of all people. The problems that the earth is facing affect the mind and body of each and every one of us. The future of the world depends on our actions. We must create a new direction and a positive energy right here, right now.

In the ceremony, we will make a large circle with all participants. In the center is the sacred fire, and each person gives tobacco to the fire. The tobacco carries our prayers to the Creator. We are calling for all nations around the world to recognize June 21 as “Honoring Sacred Sites Day”. We must strive to create peace and harmony throughout the world. I am hoping that World Peace & Prayer Day will spread throughout the world like a ripple. What we are doing is nothing new. We are only trying to bring about the awareness that the world needs.

On June 21, 2004, let us gather at World Peace & Prayer Day with good mind and respect for one another. Understand deeply what is happening to our Mother Earth and the global environment. Let us pray for peace and for Mother Earth. Our prayers will echo in each otherfs heart, and will surely spread throughout the world.

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