Should Indians drive cars? Part 2

Published on BBCnews, by Justin Rowlatt, 3 January 2010.
(First watch the video on the page, 21.41 min, mainly discussing around the question: should Indian families have a car)

The climate conference in Copenhagen was a car crash – virtually everyone, including President Obama, seems agreed on that … //

… The reason Copenhagen foundered was because most countries refused to set aside their narrow national interests for the long-term future well-being of the entire planet.

Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, economic development and hence national wealth has been based on the use of fossil fuels. And fossil fuels are still by far the cheapest and easiest form of energy.  

What happened at Copenhagen was that most countries chose to try and protect their rights to go on using them.

The conference degenerated into the equivalent of a land-grab – not for territory on Earth, but for atmospheric space and the right to pollute it.

The environmentalist George Monbiot described it as “a scramble for the atmosphere comparable in style and intent to the scramble for Africa”. He wrote from Copenhagen:

“Most rich and rapidly developing states have sought through these talks to seize as great a chunk of the atmosphere for themselves as they can – to grab bigger rights to pollute than their competitors. The process couldn’t have been better designed to produce the wrong results.”
But actually this was always the most likely outcome. This was, after all, a conference of nation states, and nation states exist to promote national interests.

Indeed, the conference was a graphic demonstration of the fact that what is in the best interests of a country is not necessarily in the best interests of the people who live in it.

So how can countries be persuaded to put the world first? … (full text).

  • (My comment: I do not believe this whole story arond the climate. I believe rather: the rainmakers do not want this humanity develop in an economic sense [as in religious sense we no more let us too much impress by big daddy]. The only way we VOLUNTARLY step back is a huge feary climate story.
  • I believe not the climate is the rainmaker’s main issue, but we, the people. We have to remain small, little, not asking too much, remaining good servants, running only small goals and let the rainmakers at their favorite play: mannage this planet as THEY want it.
  • We have to shut up … and remain at hard work, respectively with Kinder Küche Kirche / children kitchen church … or just disappear from life.
  • So, lets Indian families drive a car, and – why not – take back Nicola Tesla’s stolen Inventions for endless and clean energy).

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