Dokumentary Watch

Guess what you can find by putting these two keywords into Google. Concerning Human Rights items, read, and listen:

The Torture Question, 90 minutes of video discussion;

Documentary watch regarding the defense of freedoms and separation between State and religion. A selection of the most important publications issued by national, international organisations and institutions, on;

Documentary watch: In order to circumscribe the academic achievement field of research and target the most relevant documents, the International Observatory on Academic Achievement (IOAA) established a publishing policy, which serves as a guideline for the documentary content the IOAA processes and shares with its target audience through its Website;

Information Clearing House, or also on this my Economic page;

… and concerned Canada’s role in the Vietnam War. See;

Watch trailer: After one women is sexually assaulted, what begins as her daughter’s quest for justice becomes a revelation about the healing process;

The Tank Man, 90 minutes videos about China’s Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989. Same on wikipedia;

A Google Video about 9/11, and also on mobile;

VSC documentary net.

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