Buy an African baby – bomb some African villages

Published on Online Journal, by Thomas C. Mountain, Dec 31, 2009.

… Just about anyone can buy a baby in Ethiopia these days, you know what I mean, “adopt”? It costs about $30,000. Cash. Some reports say over 3,000 were sold . . . adopted, last year alone.

It has turned into a major cash flow for the Godfathers of the Ethiopian “government.” Do the math, 3,000 times $30,000, in one year, and another London bank account or three is going to have to be set up to be stuffed chock full of some very sick money …  //

… The saying goes here in this part of Africa, “All roads to peace in the Horn of Africa run through Asmara [Eritrea] . . .” and there is one thing the USA and especially Hollywood is dead set against and that is peace breaking out in Africa.

With the UN there to enforce the Law of the Jungle, only the strong survive. And survivors, especially those that won’t kneel down at the masters feet, have to be made examples of. Or at least it has to look that way, and sanctions against Eritrea it must be. So buy a baby in Ethiopia and support genocide. And don’t forget to declare war and start bombing Sudan.

In the meantime, get busy and start enforcing the sanctions against Eritrea. Either that or better yet, make sure no one even hears about all of this, business as usual, you know, with none the wiser.

Stay tuned to Online Journal for more news from the Horn of Africa that the so-called Free Press in the West won’t touch. (full text).

(Thomas C. Mountain, residing in Eritrea, was in a former life an educator, activist and alternative medicine practitioner in the USA. E-mail him).

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