Lebanon’s war – Heidi’s thoughts in present times

First a link: read again ‘Dirty Secrets of the Temple’, by Steve Lendman on his Blog (June 29, 2006).

Israel’s attack on Lebanon – Yes, beside the loosers, this new horror creates winners: the highest financial community! Its the owners of these privat ‘highest level banks’ who are winning in every war.

There are some additional actors, blackmailed by fear, seduced by some small win, or simply jumping by themselves into the trap of their own illusions … then they act even without costs for the effective last winners.

If international community with its peoples, the little elites, the middle elites, the higher elites and then the so called govs, want really stop now what is gong on, they have to make sacrifices:

- they (sorry, we all) have to give up fears … it’s relatively easy in hard times to become a hero, when all is already lost;

- but we must also loose our little profits for the sake of others … that’s already hard. To give up a personal profit, or a profit for the family, the clan, the nation, even for the whole humanity, asks to become nearly a real hero. It asks a person, a group, a clan etc. to see more than the own navel;

- to jump out of our own illusions is the most hard thing. Our illusions are our shelter against an inhuman world … ask a psychologist about.

To win this 60 year old war between Palestine and Israel by the now running way … forgive me, I do not believe that the actors are silly enough to believe it themselves. I guess, they are not able to change, because they might be blackmailed (see above), or paid, or still unable to say no, because of remaining somewhere childish in a hierarchic (Old Boys-) network.

And we? What are we doing? I guess as long as we do not go to the roots of all that, to correct what has to be done, the mess will go on and on.

And please, remain lucid: Jews and these bankers are NOT the same group. No reason to fall again in Nazism, just to make the puzzle easier. Easier for low working brains.

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