Women 14% of US Armed Forces and 5% of Homeless Vet Population

Published on War and Peace, by Daniel J. Gerstle, December 28, 2009.

[If you haven't seen Ilona Meagher's website focused on combat-related post-traumatic stress among US soldiers and veterans, go here: Combat Clips, A Selection of OEF/OIF Veteran Statistics, December 2009 (a look at some of this month's news on returning Afghanistan and Iraq veterans)].

Meagher wrote a book called, Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America’s Returning Troops. 

And this week, she’s gathered a very useful collection of statistics on the military services with some of the following highlights. Better not to quote me directly here; go to Ilona’s site and see the sources she cites for the study parameters and context…

  • For every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan there are about nine who were wounded, compared to only three per death in previous conflicts (Boston Globe).
  • A Pentagon health survey revealed that about one in four US soldiers admitted to abusing prescription drugs (USA Today).
  • Worldwide, women make up about 14% of US active duty forces, higher than any previous record. (Philadelphia Enquirer).
  • Over 120 American women have been killed and 600 have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan (Philadelphia Enquirer).
  • Women make up about 5% of the homeless veteran population, roughly about 6,500 homeless female vets (Associated Press).
  • For more, go to the source: PTSD Combat Blog.

… (full text).

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