Three actual concerns

Watch these three videos, published all on Brasscheck TV:

1): Is this what we’re fighting for? The Hashish Army, Afghanistan, 6.28 min (the video may be blocked in some countries).- No, this is not a spoof or a put on. This is what’s actually going on in the field. What kind of psychopathic criminals would send American troops to fight and die under conditions like this? By the way, the US and UK news media rants on and on about the Taliban supporting themselves with opium and heroin trading. Since the invasion, Afghanistan now provides at least 80& of the world’s opium. It’s a $3 billion business. Note that the Taliban’s take is around $200 million. For people who can do math, that’s less than 10% of the total score. So who’s getting the rest? (Friends of Uncle Sam). 

2): How Monsanto kills the news: Fox News kills Monsanto Milk Story, 9.59 min. – When it comes to food, it would be in your best interest to realize that you are being lied to on a daily basis. If a big company grows it, processes it and sells it, then it’s probably garbage that you’d be better off not consuming. In some cases, this problem goes far beyond “garbage” into another realm entirely. This video is a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes of how news is really “made” in America and why corporate and “public” broadcasting – like corporate food – is entirely unreliable. To learn about REAL food, visit The Real Food Channel.

3): Why no one invades Switzerland: Why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the World, 3.12 min. -  … but friends, this item IS debated in Switzerland: some few mad guys having used their gun outside the army are now heating questions about this kind of manhood. The Swiss army’s answer: we have to select these few mad guys and not let them their gun.

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