Longest Held Wrongfully Convicted Man About To Go Home

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Published on TalkLeft the politics of crime), by Jeralyn, Section Innocence Cases, Dec 17, 2009.

James Bain has been imprisoned for a rape and murder he did not commit for 35 years. Of the 245 inmates cleared and freed by DNA testing,
he has been in jail the longest. He is 54 years old, and has been imprisoned since age 19.

Today, he should be going home … // 

…In Bain’s case, mistaken eye-witness evidence was a chief cause of his wrongful conviction:

Bain’s blood type didn’t match the semen found on the victim’s underpants. He also had an alibi: Bain and his sister had been at home watching television when the crime occurred. But a jury convicted him anyway. Bain was 19 years old at the time and had no prior criminal record.

It’s time for Florida to establish an Innocence Commission. Gov. Charlie Crist needs to act on the petition:

When an innocent person goes to prison it is a tragedy for society as well as for the wrongfully convicted and his family. His life is ruined, taxpayers pay for his upkeep and the real criminal is still at large.

The Florida Innocence Project is representing Bain and has much more on his case and the proposed Commission. (full text).

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