People’s fears or people’s will?

What I disgust most in current debate about Swiss minaret’s vote is main-media’s and elite’s response. They may approve or reject people’s vote, all speak about people’s FEAR. I do not agree.

It is good that we put this UMMAH a stop, this whole Muslim community not able to recognish – for their migrants to our countries – our laws in ALL aspects (mainly the whole women question). WE HAVE to stop them as long as they live in our westener countries. Definitively.

Worldwide elites believe they have to decide and people should execute decisions. But in Switzerland’s law, people and parlament decide, the governement executes. And this is fine and has to remain. I suspect elites (and main medias, their mercenaries) speaking about our FEARS instead of our WILL to reduce people’s impact. If people’s actions would be recognished as a WILL, this action had to be respected. Elites naming people’s expression as fears diminish the weight of this action. Naming our will being fear is making us childish, not able to understand and decide, it is undermining our action, in some way shows us as submitted.

Peoples, do not let you tell that you fear, when you act. But insist that you express your will

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