Pentagon Manhunters: America’s New Murder, Inc.?

Published on Dissident Voice, by Tom Burghardt, November 23, 2009.

… Manhunting: The Return of Operation Condor?

This isn’t the first time that America’s engagement with “dark actors” involved in “manhunting” as a state-sponsored blood sport led to a devil’s pact with torturers, drug dealers and sociopathic fascist killers.

During the 1970s, in the wake of the overthrow of Chile’s democratically-elected socialist president, Salvador Allende, the intelligence and security services of several Latin American states, notably Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay launched a secretive program, Operation Condor–with a major assist from the CIA and the Pentagon–that tracked down and murdered leftist opponents.

Operating under the radar, Condor operatives included military personnel, European neofascists, CIA-trained Cuban terrorists and international narcotraffickers who did the “wet work” for their political masters, Latin American oligarchs and their North American allies. Thousands were killed and thousands more “disappeared” into clandestine prisons.

Long Island University political science professor, J. Patrice McSherry, revealed, “U.S. military and intelligence forces were well informed of Condor operations, and the United States played a key covert role in modernizing and extending the Condor apparatus. An Argentine military source told a U.S. Embassy contact in 1976 that the CIA had been deeply involved in setting up computerized links among the intelligence and operations units of the six Condor states.”

Indeed, so extensive were these links that “U.S. forces also gave the Condor organization access to the U.S. continental communications system based in the Panama Canal Zone.” A declassified 1978 cable from U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay Robert White to the Secretary of State, “revealed that Condor operatives made use of a U.S. facility in the Canal Zone for secret communications and intelligence coordination.”

The Pentagon, according to White’s declassified cable, provided the narco-linked death squad with the sophisticated electronic means to coordinate global operations …

… Unlike thirty years ago when Latin American oligarchs relied on CIA-financed publications such as El Mercurio in Chile or La Prensa in Argentina to fan the flames of anti-leftist discord and sow chaos, thus seeding the ground for the horrors that followed the military takeover, Pentagon media operations today still conform to principles enunciated decades earlier.

Indeed, Crawford’s “information operations” mirror precisely the chilling discourse of Argentine V Army Corps Commander General Acdel Vilas: “In reality, the only total, integral warfare is cultural warfare. … What we create in the individual is his mind. … The fight isn’t one to conquer terrain, physically, but to conquer minds. Not to take advantageous physical positions but to mold mental structures in his favor.”

As with his forerunners in decades’ past, Crawford’s manhunting weltanschauung is not conducive to a democratic model of society but rather, to the darkness of a technocratic and immutable fascism servicing America’s ruling oligarchy. (full long text).

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