Workers say: Stop Bissell’s dirty work

Linked on our blogs with Tembea Youth Centre for sustainable development. – Published on People’s World, by Pepe Lozano, November 13 2009.

… “I was fired because of my decision to go along with the union,” Marble said in a phone interview Nov. 12.

On Nov. 11, Marble, her co-workers and supporters picketed in front of the warehouse to protest the firings. They carried signs that read, “Stop Bissell’s dirty work.”

The Bissell warehouse, managed by Maersk Logistics, opened in January this year and is part of the expanding distribution industry in Chicago’s suburbs. It supplies Bissell vacuum cleaners to big box retailers including Kohl’s, Wal-Mart and Target. 

Marble said she and her co-workers were fired en masse after they filed legal complaints over many violations of state and federal law at the warehouse. In addition the workers notified management last month that they had decided to form a union with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE).

There were a lot of unfair conditions, said Marble. The workers had no paid sick days and many of their wages were arbitrarily slashed. And none of them had any say in the matter, she said.

Marble said one of her co-workers was eight months pregnant and no provisions were made for her well-being. She was expected to lift boxes of vacuum cleaners over her head, said Marble … (full text).

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