Requests for Information: 2 – 8 November 2009

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From: Global HRE List Moderator
Date: 12/11/2009

Dear members, Below is a compilation of requests for information sent to the Global Human Rights Education listserv during the past week. At the bottom of each request you will find an e-mail address, so that you can respond to the request directly.

Good day, I am compiling narratives (stories) offered by women survivors of torture. I am focusing my doctoral research this semester on women and torture, and would really appreciate stories and accounts given by women. These stories are difficult to come by, as most women are killed rather than let go by their torturers. If you have any information or leads, please let me know. Confidentiality is offered and stories may be authored by using initials or first names only if requested.
Thank you so much, Juliet Schiller, University of San Francisco, IME/Human Rights Education, E-mail.


Dear colleagues, We (Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development) have received seed funding from the Finnish Foundation for Human Rights (KIOS) through Youth Alive Kenya (YAK) under the Partnership Program. Thus we are rolling out a project dubbed: Introducing Young People to Human Rights Education through Popular Education. The project targets youth in formal and informal set ups. This is based on the predominant violation of human rights all around us. Young people are gullible to these violations. On the contrary, young people are also perpetrators of human rights violations, especially during the post election violence case of Kenya.
It’s against this backdrop that I am approaching practitioners in the network to share with me human rights information, education and communication (IEC) materials to be used in reaching out to the youths. These can be in the form of DVDs, posters, fliers, etc. that have been used elsewhere with young people for effective human rights education facilitation. The IEC materials should cover the following areas:

  • - seek to sensitise young people on human rights issues, in order to recognise violations of human rights
  • - target attitude change development with respect for human rights
  • - any other at the networks disposal

Looking forward to your support in reaching out to the young people with human rights education. Cordially yours, Buoga Jared Omondi, Programmes Director, Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development, Office Off Kisumu Busia Highway, Opposite old KCB Building, Ugunja Market Centre, P.O. Box 313 Ugunja 40606, KENYA, Tel: +254 57 34213, Mobile+254 722 588 675, Website, E-mail.


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