Published on AmnestynInternational Ireland – Amnesty International is working on 2 campaigns to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – one at the European level and one at the Irish level.

Amnesty International Ireland’s END FGM- European Campaign: …

… Amnesty International Ireland’s work on the Pamela Izevbekhai case: Amnesty International intervened in this case on two grounds, the first is fair process. At no point in the case since the first instance asylum decision was a fresh or comprehensive review of the facts of the case undertaken towards determining the risk of persecution. The second is that the Irish state has relied on the flawed assertion that the Nigerian authorities can offer protection against female genital mutilation.

History: … 

… AI has also been in correspondence with the Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland expressing our strong concern at her public commentary grossly understating the prevalence of FGM in Nigeria, and overstating the Nigerian state’s ability to protect women and children from FGM. Her position is in marked contrast with the Nigerian Government’s 2006 report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which states that one in three Nigerian girls, rising to 40% in urban areas, have undergone FGM. It states: “Nigeria still has many customary laws that provide institutional support for practices such as…FGM…Even where statutory laws exist to outlaw some of these inimical customary and religious practices, practical experience and evidence abound that the enforcement level is negligible”.

We are also concerned that Ireland’s then Minister for Integration recently stated in the media stating that he had been assured by the Nigerian authorities on a recent visit to  the country that FGM is not a problem in Nigeria.

Read the press releases issued by Amnesty International in this case: … (full text).

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