Call for Papers: Migration and Development

Linked with Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise CEFE, and with GTZ Partner for the Future, Worldwide.

Published on CEFE, September 03, 2009.

Attachement – Migration and Development, Call for Contributions.doc:

… Dear CEFistas, this document will give you the details for participating in the call for contributions:

  • I.    Background of the Project
  • II.    Preliminary List of Ideas
  • III.    Format for Contributions
  • IV.    Money and Contract Procedure

I.    Background of the Project:    

GTZ has contracted CEFE International in order to develop a Tool Box for the Promotion of Private Sector Development Commitment of Migrants. Migration and Development is a fascinating, upcoming topic in development cooperation, offering opportunities for innovative approaches. Just become aware that in many countries the remittances of migrants by far exceed the investments made by all development programs and constitute an immensely important part of the national balance of payments. But assets and competences of migrants are barely used for the economic development of their home countries, so far … //
… Please stick to the procedure. If, after careful lecture of this document, you have further questions that are not explained above, please contact by e-mail and give a meaningful reference (this helps us to manage the incoming correspondence).

If you want further information about the GTZ project, please go to this web page: GTZ/Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit.

CEFE International hopes you like this network opportunity and make use of it. CEFE International, Eberhard Peter Baerenz, Managing Director. (full long text).

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