Freud’s Requiem

Linked with our presentation of Hanif Kureishi – England & Pakistan.

Book Reviews, by Hanif Kureishi, Monday 26th June 2006 – Freud’s Requiem: mourning, memory and the invisible history of a summer walk, Matthew von Unwerth. Continuum 256pp, £18.99, ISBN 0826480322.

Written as a commission in 1915, Sigmund Freud’s On Transience is a short, beautiful and enigmatic work. When he wrote it, Freud was 60. His sons Martin (Lucian’s father) and Ernest were away at war, and news of them was intermittent. At this stage of his life Freud had few patients, and the Austro-Hungarian empire – with his beloved Vienna at the centre – was being destroyed. There were many reasons for him to be pessimistic, even despairing …

… (Read the rest of this long book review by Hanif Kureishi on this site of the NEWSTATESMAN).

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