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Published on, by Marianne de Nazareth, 14 October, 2009.

In the halls of the imposing building of the UN in Bangkok the negotiations are lack luster and gloomy. The chasm between the developing and developed world seems to be deepening regarding coming to a common agreement and the journalists in the media room do not have very happy stories to tell. But, there is a team of youthful ‘trackers’ from all over the world who are from the Adopt-a-Negotiator group, who are busy running around the meeting, “lifting the veil and shining light on this diplomatic process” …

… “Most of the negotiators are scientists and they know what is really happening out there. But their hands are tied and they have to go by their government policy. Being scientists they know what the impacts will be but, they are not free to say or do anything on their own,” reveals Leela. 

Young Fontane Lau from China says “ The momentum from China and Hongkong is not that strong. I am really here as an educator to reach out by human touch meeting secondary school kids with my half an hour presentations, to raise awareness.” Amazing considering Fontane looks no more than 18 herself and is so committed. “ All the top government officials are open to change, even though China follows a top down approach,” she said.

Some of Adopt a Negotiator’s Lead tracker’s include Anna Collins from the United Kingdom, Adam McIsaac from Canada, Andrea Cinquina from Italy, Ben Jervey from the United States, Cara Bevington from Australia, Eri Aoki from Japan, Florent Baasrch from France, Fontane Lau from China, Jonathan Sundqvist from Sweden, Juliana Russar from Brazil, Leela Raina from India, and Ole Seidenberg from Germany.

It is a great initiative by the youth and is necessary, considering politics seem to be the name of the game by the actual country negotiators. (full text).

(Adopt A Negotiator is a project supported by the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA). Check out their website at adopt a

(The writer is a fellow with the UNFCCC, a freelance journalist and teaches a module on Climate Change in Bangalore, India).

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