… some texts of Piri Thomas

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It’s got our beautiful children
living in all kinds of hell
hoping to survive and making it well
Swinging together in misty darkness
With all their love to share
Smiling a Christ-like forgiveness,
That only a ghetto cross can bear.

Excerpt of ‘Born Anew at Each A.M.’

See here on his own website some of his Poetry Works:

A First Night At El Sing Sing

Born Anew at Each A.M.

Cara de Palo Thoughts

Fire Water

If in the Moment of Passing

I Have Seen

Love is a Sharing

My World

No More Trumpets of Despair

Sermon From The Ghettos

Softly, Puerto Rican, You Ain’t Alone

The Eyes of My Heart

The Formed Faces of All

The Tombs

What Is The Thick Black Line?

And here about his Prose Works:


Down These Mean Streets;

Por Estas Calles Bravas;

7 Long Times.


The Stoop;

Shine, Mister?

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