Crimes Against Women Are Still Prevalent

Linked with our presentation of Kamala Sarup – Nepal.

By Kamala Sarup, Excerpt: Crimes against women between different societies and powers might erupt but increased educational status of these women by large countries, will develop women empowerment which has many wonderful consequences for the entire world.

Women know there are many other hardships and humiliations that women undergo. Even today, crimes against women are still prevalent have never received international attention.

Crimes against women are serious and bitter issues. Women are suffering multiple threats. Women have been directly affected by the crimes as victims of violence.

There has been a tendency to use stereotypes of women in some part of the world. Women are seen as an innocent victims of violence. Recent research, however, has shown that women have always been innocent, and victims. So I can say women suffered very much.

Will International organizations recognizing the indispensable role that women can play in preventing crimes against them?.

It’s the women’s choice through the development process of who deserves respect and justice. When we argue we always express opinions on women deserves the justice. If a majority of the people think the women car just for pleasure and sex then they will show disrespect enough of women, which can creates war and conflict. (Read the whole article on Scoop, Independent News).

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