Women Rights Are Limited in Seminars

Linked with our prsentation of Kamala Sarup – Nepal.

By Kamala Sarup – It is always nice to hear about women rights from women perspectives. And we also hope our seminars and workshops are educating and improving women’s rights and hope women will never go hungry!

At the present time, we are also organizing the seminars to improve knowledge of women rights. I am pleased that the NGOs or government are organizing more seminars, so that the women discrimination will end. But I am never hopeful.

With respect to seminars, the outcome is always has been limited. Sometimes, If a compromise is reached, it will be many years before a new development program is passed by the Government or by the NGOs, INGos on women rights.

The seminars have been passed a many law that allow no women discrimination, no violence for them. Many seminars have also passed a version of law and regulations that permits a women development program for the poor women. If and when a compromise is reached, there may or may not be a women development program for women’s rights. If a seminars program is approved by the government sometimes, there will still be several years of waiting, before women can be benefited.

Every Conferences and seminars on women rights have its own agenda. It is going to be up to the women leaders to figure out what should be done to protect women rights from discrimination. We should not forget only addressing the problems is not going to solving the problem. There may also be social issues amongst the seminars that must be sorted out for the greater good of the women rights. (Read the rest of this article on SCOOP Independent News).

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