Migration and Development, Call for Contributions

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Published on CEFE (competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise), par CEFE International, Sept. 3, 2009.

… I. Background of the Project:

GTZ has contracted CEFE International in order to develop a Tool Box for the Promotion of Private Sector Development Commitment of Migrants. Migration and Development is a fascinating, upcoming topic in development cooperation, offering opportunities for innovative approaches. Just become aware that in many countries the remittances of migrants by far exceed the investments made by all development programs and constitute an immensely important part of the national balance of payments. But assets and competences of migrants are barely used for the economic development of their home countries, so far … 

… Assignment:

The project “Migration and Development” was set up to explore how to use the potentials of migration for development in their home countries and how to minimise the risks. It serves as a think tank for the preparation and dissemination of concepts and instruments.

In the framework of these tasks, CEFE International will elaborate a toolbox, focussing on the aspects of business creation, investment and trade, which shall address programme managers and project staff involved in economic promotion to deal with the challenge how to use the potential of migrants for private sector development of their countries of origin.

The interventions described in the toolbox shall be presented in a standardized format on two to max. four pages and stimulate the interest of program or project managers. The used language will be English but the interventions are not dedicated to specific regions. The information sheets shall enable decision makers to determine suitable interventions for their specific requirements and discuss referring activities with the GTZ project Migration and Development. The elaboration does not include a preparation of the tools to a technical level that would be required for their field utilization (manual; detailed instructions for exercises, consulting tools, or workshop and moderations techniques, etc.).

CEFE International will provide sheets and intervention schemes, for 15 different interventions, of which at least 5 are new instruments.
II. Preliminary List of Ideas: … (full long text).

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