HRE strategies for duty bearers

Published on Human Rights Education Associates, by Krishna Hota, 2009-09-28.

… I think that it is useful for us to think about two main target groups for HRE: the rights-holders, in particular vulnerable and exploited groups whose human rights are often violated; and duty bearers, who have the responsibility to respect, promote and protect the rights of rights-holders, but who also have the potential to exploit their power.

In the last category I am including not only political leaders, but religious leaders. Also there are some people in positions of power, like nuclear scientists and researchers working in the bio-technology field, who have power and whose activities could contribute to human rights violations. 
On this listserv we have been discussing HRE strategies and policies for the first group of rights-holders. However, I think that international human rights bodies should begin thinking about HRE strategies for target groups that are duty bearers or, through their status or role in society, could be potential violators. Maybe we can think about awareness raising conferences and policies as a start? … (full text).

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