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Received by e-mail:
From: The Orion Project
Date: 22/09/2009

Call for Assistance: We are searching for individuals willing to volunteer their time and help with the exciting work of The Orion Project:   


  • We receive many calls from inventors who wish to tell us about their technologies, and we need someone to do the initial screening of the technology. The individual we seek must have an engineering background and be able to speak knowledgably about energy systems and aid our scientific team in evaluating the promise of a device.
  • Our goal is to continue to identify any devices which could produce clean, sustainable energy and fast-track their evaluation, production and distribution. Some travel will be necessary, and travel expenses reimbursed. Other compensation is not available at this time. (The Director and Board Members of this company are uncompensated, as well.)

Business Skills:

  • We are searching for an experienced individual to work with us in negotiating contracts and planning budgets.
  • This person would be skillful in collaborating with outside parties for their mutual benefit. Our ideal candidate would have the ability to take guidance from and work effectively with the Director. The position is uncompensated. It would require ten or more hours a week.

If you are interested in helping with our work, please contact Dr. Jan Bravo.

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