Judas Gospel, DaVinci Code and Elites

The DaVinci Code has obviously been elected by the people. Its story has the living energy of a thriller and touches all the questions peoples are asking and elites are not answering.

The Judas Gospel could not been elected by the people, as there is no story worked out, so no questions are touching the people.

The DaVinci Code is still discussed, The Judas Gospel is out of our mainstream medias.

Both are touching Jesus’ identity transmitted to people. An identity worked out by an interested elite using it to guide the people. We can state that Jesus’ identity was a powerful tool to manage people.

And we have to accept it: there is also an important silent majority asking to be guided, eager of explanations by the mainstream medias. They want get back their peace. All this code and gospel texts are not only a threat to elites, but also to the hard elaborated peace of a population not eager to think, but asking for good believes. They ask for a religion giving them short answers for security and a merited rest (life is hard enough).

Our mainstream medias transport all concerns needing an answer. This means exactly, an answer given by the elites to the people. And in most cases they succeed, as the silent majority is only listening mainstream medias, or accepted religious writings and discussions. This means, made by religions accepted by the elites, and not condemned as sects.

The DaVinci Code and the Judas Gospel have the ability to change our view about this identity, and therefore are a threat to religeous elite’s power (and to some people’s peace). The quick reaction to condemn the truth concerning both stories shows us, that there is no smoke without fire.

For many of us this means rather a reinforcement of existing conjuration theories. For me too. Some of this theories are fantasist, but not one statement of any religious or academic representant in TV discussions or written in print medias has convinced me. Their arguments are based on viewpoints which first had been chosen deliberately, and then was found reasons to prove them.

Jesus was rather someone like our first Hippy, I imagine a powerful young man wanting changes. Our religeous elites, helped by some world elites, reached to create him an identity used to dominate people. A greater betrayal is not possible. And exactly these religeous elites want tell us now their truth?

Sorry, this comes too late.


My comment to the Judas Gospel.

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