Paradise Turned into Hell

Published on Kashmir Information Network /Homepage, not authored nor dated.

Cradled in the lap of majestic mountains of the Himalayas, Kashmir is the most beautiful place on earth. On visiting the Valley of Kashmir, Jehangir, one of the Mughal emperors, is said to have exclaimed: “If there is paradise anywhere on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.”

And, till very, very recent times it was paradise on earth. But now the paradise has been turned into hell.

With the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism all over the world, this theo-fascist brand of political philosophy accompanied by hatred, intolerance, and terrorism was pushed into and peddled in the peaceful valley by Pakistan. And now the rapture of birdsong and murmur of gentle streams of yesteryears is replaced by the misery of physical and psychic violence instigated by the terrorists.  

This website will show you a glimpse of the history, culture, and the current plight of Kashmiri Pandits. You will understand the goals of the bigoted religious terrorists in Kashmir whose vision of Azadi (independence) is to use religious dogma to exclude women, religious minorities, and secular-minded people from every kind of freedom in social and political life. After centuries of decimation of our population within Kashmir valley, the 1990 pogrom by Islamic terrorists and their supporters against us was the final act that expelled almost the entire remaining 400,000 strong population of Kashmiri Pandits – something that has unfortunately gone largely unreported in the Western press. These Pandits are at present living as refugees in their own country. While the expelled refugees as well as our worldwide community have not resorted to any form of violent means to regain our territory, we have never accepted this ethnic cleansing as final … (full text).

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