The Permanent War Paradigm

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“Terrorism” is the perfect term to highlight the permanent war paradigm this administration has thrust upon us. The terrorism bogeyman card can be played, if not forever, well into the foreseeable future. And it’s a trump card, as we’re seeing so clearly in the domestic spying scandal and the new budget Bush has put out for 2007.

440 billion earmarked for the Department of Defense. And that doesn’t include “emergency” allocations for Iraq or Afganistan (different budget) or military components of the Homeland Security and NASA budgets. No wonder they feel obliged to cut social programs.  

In the permanent war paradigm, there’s no money for New Orleans, and certainly no impetus for a new “Eco New Orleans.” There’s no money for alternate energy research, but there’s 400 billion for Iraq. (That money goes to research, we don’t need their fucking oil.)

The $63 billion education budget eliminates 42 programs — including parent-resource centers, vocational programs and drug-free schools. (Sorry ma’am, no money for your kid’s education, we’ve got to protect you from terrorists.) So these guys are creating a United States of America with rising illiteracy and poverty, less healthcare, no retirement funding and crumbling infrastructure. But BY GOD, THOSE TERRORISTS ARE NOT GOING TO GET US! … (full text).

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