Educating about women’s human rights in Africa

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Received by e-mail:
From: Ofe Valentine
Date: 10/09/2009

Dear all,

Cameroon just signed the Maputo Protocol on women’s rights. This document was negatively looked upon by some factions of society and over-reacted on, thereby leading to the spread of mis-leading information across the whole nation, such as that the Protocol has given a total legality to homosexuality and abortion, which is against some of the customary laws of the country. As human rights educators, what advice can you give to counter this resisting segment of the population of Cameroon concerning the Protocol? What education strategies do you think will best suit countering the vulgarization of these fervent laws in my communities?

Thank you, Ofe Valentine, Cameroon, E-mail.

(My comment: maybe you are interested to read all answers Ofe Valentine will receive. You can find them by updating for HRE’s newsletter on this page).

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